An exciting new partnership has been created to help revive Lancashire’s rivers, woodlands, and wildlife.

Recycle IT, one of the UK’s leading IT disposal and asset management providers, have joined forces with Ribble Rivers Trust as their latest corporate supporter. The Burnley based company already has the environment and a circular economy at the heart of their operations, with a huge percentage of the IT components they handle being reconditioned or recycled, working towards zero landfill. Now Recycle IT are going even further by helping Ribble Rivers Trust make Lancashire a cleaner, greener place for wildlife and people.

Ribble Rivers Trust are just one of many to benefit from Recycle IT’s eco-friendly and community focus. As well as investing in rivers and green spaces through the Trust, Recycle IT have also partnered with Crow Wood Hotel & Spa Resort to plant trees, and have provided refurbished IT equipment to local community groups and schools.

The money raised through the partnership goes directly into improving the rivers Ribble, Hodder, Calder, Darwen, and Douglas, and all the rivers and streams that flow into them. However, it’s not just rivers that benefit. Ribble Rivers Trusts’ science led approach looks at the landscape as an interlinking system. This means that they care for every landscape, from riverbank to hilltop moorland and all the urban and rural areas between.

By teaming up with Ribble Rivers Trust, Recycle IT are helping their local river and the human and wildlife communities that call the Ribble catchment area their home.

Ribble Trust tree planting in Lancashire at Crow Wood Hotel and Spa


Carl from Recycle IT explains;

“’The forefront of our popular sustainability project is to promote circular economy and sustainability within the IT industry.

As a company we now pledge to plant one tree for every one ton of e-waste we collect through our client and customers both on a local and national scale

This has seen us team up with some amazing partners such as Crow Wood / River trust who really are going above and beyond to help Lancashire flourish and maintain rivers and wildlife in the area.

We wanted to partner up with the trust as they not only align with company ethos, but they also will play a huge part in our sustainability project as we will be planting more trees each year as we collect more e-waste from our partners and resellers. This year we will plant 1000s of trees throughout partners and will also be making sizable donations later in the year enabling children and adults’ access to I.T

This is only the start in our project, and we have some big announcements coming later in the year as we look to expand our business’’

Jack Spees, CEO of Ribble Rivers Trust adds;

“The partnership with Recycle IT is fantastic, their sustainable approach to both what they do as a business AND how they do it is incredible.  The circular economy is something that should become a standard way operating business, and Recycle IT is leading the way, whilst also supporting the creation of new woodlands, that will benefit our rivers and communities around it.

Their work with schools and communities is also aligned to our core values and activities, making sure that young people are both learning to care for, and enjoy, the environment, but also learning how they can improve it- from recycling to planting trees”

Ribble Rivers Trust rely on funding from grants, but whilst grant givers fund most of our activities they don’t fund some of the vital work that they carry out.

Since 1997 support from businesses like Recycle IT has been helping Ribble Rivers Trust to develop a more regular, reliable stream of funding. This helps to create new woodlands, restore peat moorlands, remove river blocking weirs, and deliver national curriculum approved education sessions to children from a wide and diverse range of backgrounds.

As one of the UK’s largest Rivers Trusts, and one of the area’s leading environmental charities, Ribble Rivers Trust are in a unique position to be able to lead the way into a greener future for everyone. Corporate supporters are crucial in helping Ribble Rivers Trust to build on these improvements and ensure the area is more resilient to climate change, flooding, habitat loss, and declining wildlife populations.

If you would like to find out about how your business can support its local community and environment through Ribble Rivers Trust, click here or email