RecycleIT are one of the UK’s leading IT disposal and asset management service providers. They care about the environment that we live and work within and strive to work towards a circular economy for IT assets.

This has lead the company to again, partner up with Crow Wood Leisure after the national success of their ‘Sustainability Project’ which has now led to RecycleIT to pledge to plant one tree for every one tone of E-Waste we collect from their clients and partners. Aswell as also pledging to plant one tree for every one laptop that is donated to our refurbishment programme.

Their popular sustainability programme will also see local community schemes and national charities receive donations to under privileged children and adults both locally and on a national scale. Which in turn will allow everyone access to I.T equipment.

RecycleIT receives approximately over 300 tons of E-waste on a national scale which they either refurb, reuse, or recycle with less than 20% of this volume is classed as end-of-life product with a total of 0% landfill. This latest donation has seen both Burnley Business join forces once again and add to the fantastic developed wildlife sanctuary already in place at Crow Wood. The most recent plantation by the companies saw trees such as Sycamore, Apple, Walnut, Horse Chestnut, Rowan and Giant Redwoods be added to the thousands of trees already on site that have been planted by Crow Wood. Several thousand of these were also planted by the Ribble Rivers Trust who both companies partner with as part of their schemes.



Back in 2001, 25,000 trees were planted in partnership with the Forest of Burnley, and when the Crow Wood Hotel was built, 1,000 trees were planted to make up for the land that was cleared for the construction, with a further 3,750 native English trees planted this spring by the resort and an additional 4,000 planted by the Ribble Rivers. Andrew Brown also organised a huge clean-up of the River Calder with groups of volunteers, who sadly found everything from laptops to bicycles.

Andrew Brown said ‘its great to continue to work and develop our plantations with RecycleIT and see the partnership grow from strength to strength . The work Rob and the team do around offering a sustainable products and service is a great way to incentive clients whilst also helping locals to enjoy the facility we are still developing here on site. This is a long term scheme and we will continue to plant on site for the next 20 years +’

Robert Doherty said ‘ We would like to extend our thanks to Andy and the team at Crow Wood for allowing us to contribute to an already flourishing project. The work that has already been done on site is spectacular and we are grateful to be able to have a long standing partnership with the guys here. Later this year towards the back end of the year we will also make another significate donation and continue to offer a sustainable service to our clients aiming to collected around 50,000 units on an annual basis meaning we will plant more trees on site in conjunction with our company pledge