RecyleIT Donate Desktops to Families in Need with Impact Gamers

What a year 2021 has been so far for the RecycleIT team – and we’re not even half-way yet! Our team is working harder than ever to deliver to our communities and customers in the best way it can.

Not only are RecycleIT supplying 5,000 units weekly to key workers, we are also proud to announce the donation of  25 desktops to Horton Park Primary School in Bradford, via Impact Gamers. Since online access to learning resources is critical for a child’s educational development, our desktop donation will help to meet the high demand for IT equipment within the education sector. 

At RecycleIT we are eager to give back to our communities and offer support where appropriate for those that need it. Subsequent to our collaboration with Accrington Stanley, whereby we supplied their emerging players with £3,000 worth of IT equipment, the RecycleIT team jumped at the opportunity to support more local communities.

RecyleIT Donate Desktops to Families in Need with Impact Gamers

Why Desktop Donations Matter

One of the most damaging effects of the pandemic has been the impact on children’s education. The closure of schools during lockdown one and two, has left a staggering number of children without access to online learning resources, as well as a significant amount of disruption to their learning flow. The culmination of these factors spurred us on at RecycleIT to help where it was possible. 

The donated computers will not only determine whether a child has access to schoolwork, but they will also open up a world of ICT learning, resourcing, communication, and confidence building that would otherwise be unavailable. 

RecyleIT Donate Desktops to Families in Need with Impact Gamers

Who are Impact Gamers?

Impact Gamers C.I.C is a Bradford based community interest centre, providing support to local children and their families through the delivery of  youth workshops and learning sessions as well as live shows.  Focused towards IT game making using a combination of maths, art and vision, Impact Gamers relies on donations to continue running its free after school groups. 

Adam from Impact Gamers commented: “We were thrilled to receive 25 machines from RecycleIT at the end of 2020. We’d already given out all our spare PCs and laptops to families who needed access to school work in the first lockdown. We were expecting to give RecycleIT’s donation out gradually in 2021, but the new lockdown fast forwarded that initiative, meaning all machines were given out within a week to families in the poorest areas of Bradford.”  

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